Signs of Addiction

Many addicts develop drug addictions for the short-term effects that drugs produce and to escape from mental health issues, emotional pain or other health-related problems. The drugs trigger a sense of relaxation and pleasure, and an addict repeatedly uses the drugs to obtain the same feeling over and over again. As the dependence to a particular drug becomes a necessity, an individual starts to develop the pattern of obsessing over the effects of a certain drug.

This alarming cycle sometimes begins with curiosity. Some people experiment with drugs because of societal influences and various recreational purposes. A person with a history of family problems, traumatic experiences or mental illnesses are also susceptible to becoming addicted to some type of illicit or illegal drugs. If you notice that a friend or family member is using high amounts of drugs, experimenting with dangerous and risky behavior, exhibiting unusual or violent behavior, or simply behaving unpredictably and irresponsibly, these are some of the typical signs that person may have a drug abuse problem. Some of the physical signs are sudden changes in physical appearance, extreme weight loss or red eyes.

Scheduling an Intervention can Help

Sometimes an individual who abuses drugs may not be aware of the problem or may deny that an issue with drugs exists. An intervention allows a group of supportive individuals, such as friends and family members, to come together and encourage an addict to begin a substance abuse therapy program, and begin the steps to recovery. The meeting should help the person become aware of the problems resulting from the addictive behavior and that the problems will get worse unless the individual begins to take control of his or her life. If you're interested in scheduling an intervention to help a loved one recover, addiction specialists can provide you with the resources and assistance to plan the meeting. Call a Seattle, WA, center at (866) 375-0828.

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There are those times in life when you realize you are facing a larger problem than anything you've ever dealt with in your life. Being addicted to drugs is one such problem. The party lifestyle that had you casually taking one drug or another has morphed into a never-ending quest to get your daily supply of drugs so that you can get through the day. The addicted life is probably not the one you wanted, but as you already know, it is really hard to get out of once you're in it.

Maybe your main problem isn't drugs but alcohol. Alcohol addiction is another issue that can lead you down the path to personal destruction. The truth of the matter is that any addiction can cause you to get lost in an empty and depressing world.

Reaching Out for Help

One of the most empowering things you can do right now is to reach out and ask for help. There is no shame in admitting that you cannot beat addiction alone. You can find all of the help you need right now including drug addiction counseling. Regardless of how long you have been struggling with substance abuse, you can get immediate assistance from the staff of caring rehab professionals.

The Safety of Rehab

Recovery from addiction requires full immersion into a treatment program that offers you the latest techniques and therapy. At modern facilities, you'll be in a safe and comfortable environment surrounded by trained staff members that provide around the clock care. They focus the attention and efforts on helping you detox safely in a healthy way. During the withdrawal process they closely monitor clients to ensure they are doing well. When you are ready to begin the next phase of the program, they have several options available. Most importantly, you'll be given everything you need to successfully complete your treatment program and start fresh.

Ongoing Support

Support for your ongoing recovery from addiction is crucial to long-term success. Addiction rehab programs give you a choice of getting individual and group support. Contact a Seattle, WA, center at (866) 375-0828 to speak with a counselor about various recovery programs.

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