Family Addiction Drug Treatment in Seattle

When one member of the family is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the other members of the family suffer right along with them. Substance abuse truly is a family problem, and that is why family addiction treatment is so important.

As the name implies, family addiction treatment is focused not only on the needs of the addicts themselves but on the needs of their extended family. No matter who the substance abuser is, programs for family addiction drug treatment in Seattle can make the difference.

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How an Addicted Family Member Affect Others

An addiction to drugs or alcohol obviously has a profound effect on the addict, but the effects do not end there. The addict may suffer the most profound effects as a result of their addiction, but the people who care about the addict are profoundly impacted as well.

If the addict is the breadwinner for the family and they lose their job as the result of drug or alcohol use, the entire family is impacted. They family may lose their home or be unable to put food on the table, all as a result of the drug use of a family member.

The drug addict may also lose their ability to care for their children, creating a lasting impact on those kids or even forcing them to be surrendered to foster care. Those impacts can be lifelong and difficult to overcome.

If the addicted family member is a minor child, the parents are profoundly impacted by the abuse. Even if the child is legally an adult, the concern of the parents can be just as strong.

What is the Family's Role in the Addiction

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are family-wide problems, and sometimes family members play an unwitting role in the addiction. In some cases family members and loved ones may make excuses for the addiction or overlook the warning signs of substance abuse. This codependent relationship can make the addition worse and delay needed rehab.

If you need treatment, call Seattle drug detox treatment centers. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous to share your story, and get the vital support needed.

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