Addiction Recovery Programs in Seattle, WA

Those that are struggling with substance abuse have a lot of options when it comes time to seeking help. Numerous rehab recovery programs and therapies are available at Drug Treatment Centers Seattle. These recovery programs can be tailored specifically to each individual's needs, allowing the patient to get the absolute best care possible.

Substance abuse recovery programs greatly increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. Better yet, they increase the chances of long-term recovery by incorporating relapse prevention methods and techniques into the program. To discuss the treatment options and rehabs available in your area, call Seattle Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

What Are Recovery Programs?

Drug rehab programs are specifically designed to help individuals stop using their substances of choice. There are several different stages of the programs, depending on the severity of the patient's addiction.

Drug addiction programs start with medical detoxification. A team of doctors keeps a careful eye on the patient while weaning their body off of drugs. Because many chronic users suffer from serious drug withdrawals during this stage, medical professionals often administer medications to reduce the pain associated with these withdrawals.

After the medical detoxification is complete, patients begin and intensive inpatient treatment program. Living at our residential treatment facility, patients are monitored and guided by treatment professionals while they begin therapy.

After the inpatient program (generally around 30 days), patients integrate themselves back into their normal lives. They are still, however, greatly encouraged to continue attending outpatient treatment and therapy programs.

Types of Drug Rehab Therapy

There are several types of drug rehab therapy that are more popular than others. It's up to the individual in question to select the one that is right for them.

Among the very most popular is behavioral treatment. Sometimes also referred to as cognitive treatment, the recovery program provides individual and group therapy sessions designed to change the attitudes and behaviors of the patient. The aim of this therapy is to build better life skills to prevent future drug or alcohol relapse.

Another common form of treatment is motivational interviewing. Sometimes combined with motivational incentives, this form of drug rehab hones in on the patient's inherent desire for positive change in their life. The positive relationship between the patient's new sense of well-being and their abstinence is driven home. Some therapists use positive incentives (such as verbal praise or privilege based enticements) to spur positive reinforcement.

Alternative Types of Drug Rehab Therapy

New types of recovery programs and therapy are constantly created. While many of these alternative treatments are less popular than the ones discussed above, they have still proven to be highly effective for the right people.

Perhaps the most effective alternative rehab program is known as SMART recovery. A mix of motivational, cognitive, and behavioral techniques, the therapy program teaches patients self-management and healthy problem solving skills.

A large number of drug addicts have a difficult time speaking about their relationship to drugs and alcohol. Yet expressing your feelings on the subject is an essential part to overcoming addiction and preventing future relapse. That's right where art therapy and music therapy come into the picture. Both treatment programs bypass verbal expression. They give patients the ability to express their thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences through music and art.

The key to a successful recovery is commitment and dedication to health and well-being. If you or someone you love are ready to begin your road to recovery, call Seattle Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

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