Drug Rehabilitation Programs in Seattle, WA

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is becoming a larger and larger problem in Seattle and across the United States. Each year, an increasing number of young adults experiment with illegal drugs. In fact, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that more than 20 million Americans use illegal drugs each and every month.

In many cases, a comprehensive drug rehab program is required to manage the causes and consequences of drug abuse and addiction. The multifaceted approach of drug rehab programs at Seattle Drug Treatment Centers is designed to help individuals recover from substance dependence. These treatment and therapy programs increase the patient's chance of long-term success.

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What is Drug Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction is not always an easy thing to pin down. It presents itself in a variety of different forms. Furthermore, each individual experiences addiction differently. Drug rehab programs are not only designed to help people recover from drug abuse, but also to educate them about the disease and how to avoid triggers.

At its core, addiction is a chronic disease where the person afflicted has an irresistible urge to partake in a specific activity. The vast majority of drug addictions are both physical and mental. For instance, when it comes to a drug like heroin, many addicts experience a strong psychological dependency as well as a strong physical dependency.

In addition to physical and mental addictions, many drug users also struggle with secondary addictions. These include things such as gambling and sex addictions. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are also common.

The Role of Drug Rehab

It is incredibly difficult for many people to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction alone. It takes help and support.

Rehab programs are designed to help patients overcome their specific addiction. Residential programs start with a medical detoxification treatment to safely get the patient off their drug of choice. After this initial detox, a long-term form of inpatient therapy is encouraged. Inpatient treatment typically lasts for at least one month.

After a period of inpatient treatment where the patient actually lives in an on-site residential treatment facility, many patients start an outpatient treatment program. Generally in the form of therapy, this additional stage of drug rehab is designed to promote long-term recovery. Sessions are attended at least three times a week to build skills that can be used to prevent future relapses. Individual therapy, group work, and consultations are all options.

Signs and Symptoms of Dependence

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is an important part of getting the treatment you or your loved one need. Though they are different for each drug, there are several common symptoms that most people experience when abusing drugs.

Behavioral and physical changes are the most common signs of drug addiction. The lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities is another serious sign. Other symptoms of drug addiction include mood swings, depression, and sleep problems. Naturally, many addicts also demonstrate an obsession with the drug they are abusing.

When it comes to drug addiction, more help is better. It is a very difficult thing to tackle alone. Treatment and therapy give addicts both short-term and long-term benefits. Those that enter drug rehab programs have a much higher success rate. Call Seattle Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531 for more information regarding drug addiction and treatment options.

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