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After completing a successful alcohol or drug detox and rehab program, it can be easy to mistakenly feel as though you are through with drugs, alcohol, and addiction treatment entirely. It's hard to fault someone for wanting to move forward with their new, sober, life and put the past behind them. But while looking ahead is an essential factor in the recovery process, neglecting to put enough focus on your Seattle addiction aftercare recovery can lead to trouble, stumbling blocks, and relapses for many.

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Addiction Aftercare - What is it?

Addiction aftercare is the blanket term given to any and all of the treatments, interventions, and support systems that follow your initial detoxification and drug addiction or alcohol abuse treatment. If you took part in an out or inpatient rehab program, addiction aftercare can include any combination of talk therapy, support group meetings like AA or Narcotics Anonymous, stress management classes, counseling, finding a sponsor, or booster sessions within your rehab program.

Aftercare for drug and alcohol abuse also includes surrounding yourself with a healthy, positive support system, establishing new boundaries, and developing new coping skills and distraction mechanisms.

Options in Aftercare

After completing rehabilitation, you will have a number of different options in addiction aftercare. Some of these may be presented to you as part of an in or outpatient rehab program, and others are available on an individual basis by researching and enrolling in them yourself. Likewise, some will be available free of charge, some will be covered by certain medical insurance programs, and others will need to be paid for out of pocket.

The key to most successful aftercare approaches is to try a combination of several different ones, and stick to the ones that you feel are bringing you the most benefits. Twelve step groups, counseling, talk therapy, and booster sessions are often among the most popular, and many patients report that combining some or all of these helps keep them sober.

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