Alcohol Withdrawal

Drinking may not be illegal in any of the 50 states or in many countries of the world, but alcohol abuse and dependence are serious matters that should not be overlooked due to the commonality of the everyday use of alcohol. People who develop an alcohol dependence will go through alcohol withdrawal if they cease to drink. They can also begin withdrawal if they decrease the amount of alcohol they drink each day or if they do not increase their intake once their body has reached a tolerance level than is more than a person expects. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous even compared to withdrawing from what are usually considered much more serious, or harder, drugs. As high a five percent of the people who go through alcohol withdrawal every year die from the symptoms. Alcoholism is no laughing matter and can end very badly if not treated properly.

If you are suffering from withdrawal from alcohol, addiction treatment centers in Seattle can help.


It all starts with one drink. However, for many people it never progresses past that. After one drink, a person has another, maybe even a third, says goodnight and heads home. In another scenario, a family gathers for a summer holiday barbecue, the wine and beer and spirits are flowing and a few people have a little more than they should. They go to bed or someone drives them home and they sleep it off and no damage is done. Both of these are examples of how many people can drink, from the time they are in college to a very old age and never have a drinking problem. They have a few drinks and go about their lives.

When a person goes through alcohol withdrawal when they stop drinking, they have typically been a person who drinks every day and has done so for a long time. Alcohol is not instantly addicting like heroin or other opiate-family drugs, and a person can take years to become dependent on the substance. There are people who are functioning alcoholics, who only need a drink or two a day to take the edge off and they can operate just fine otherwise, but those individuals are few and far between and their lifestyle is certainly not one to strive for as a goal of your own.

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